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LoadCentral Android App 2019-Oct-09 Version

Good news LoadCentral Retailers!

The latest version of the LoadCentral Android app is now available for download. LoadCentral retailers can now transact online using their android mobile phones in a breeze! No need to memorize the product codes.

Please go to to download the app on Google Play Store.

Kindly note that the SMS feature is not available due to changes in the Google Play Store permission policy.

Here is the solution/answer to the issues raised by the early users of the latest version:

Your device isn’t compatible with this version error in google play:
The new app version only supports Android version 8.0 and above.

Incorrect login credentials:
Login password is the same with the old version, it should be FL (SMS) password.

Account is already paired with another device:
Probably, your retailer account / Device ID is still linked to the old version of the app. To reset the android app usage, compose this message RESETDROID "FL/SMS password" (example: RESETDROID 123456) then send it to the LoadCentral access number 09229990214 using your LoadCentral registered sim

Do we need personal load or internet connection to be able to use the app?
The application requires you to have an internet connection.

Is it instant just like the webtool? Or with delays like when sending SMS keywords?
SMS-based functionalities have not been included in the new version due to some changes on Google’s permission and policy. The new version should perform like the webtool since the app is using data/internet to connect to the LoadCentral system.

Will it display the PIN details just like on the webtool?
Same with the old version, the PIN will not be displayed on the new version.

Is it available on IOS?
Unfortunately, it is not.

LoadCentral Android App 2019-Oct-09 Version

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LoadCentral New Contact Numbers as of Oct 6 2019

In compliance with the National Telecommunications Commission M.O. 10-10-2017, all existing 7-digit numbers within Greater Metro Manila will be migrated to an 8-digit phone number.

By October 06, 2019, affix the numeric identifier assigned to the respective telecommunications company before the existing number. After the migration, 7-digits will no longer be reachable.

The new contact numbers of LoadCentral will be as follows:

  • (02) 8441-2407
  • (02) 8441-2414
  • (02) 8441-5164
  • (02) 8441-5171
  • (02) 8441-5356
  • (02) 8441-5357
  • (02) 8441-6238
  • (02) 8441-6239

LoadCentral New Contact Numbers as of Oct 6 2019

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LoadCentral New Products: HOOQ, SkyDirect Prepaid

We have a new product in the LoadCentral platform: HOOQ.

HOOQe-PIN (Subscriptions)

Product NameProduct CodeDiscount
HOOQ VIPiso15 valid for 1 DayHOOQ153.00%2.70%2.00%
HOOQ VIPiso59 valid for 7 daysHOOQ597.00%6.40%5.00%
HOOQ VIPiso149 valid for 30 DaysHOOQ14910.00%9.40%5.00%
HOOQ VIPiso369 valid for 3 MonthsHOOQ36910.00%9.40%5.00%
HOOQ VIPiso699 valid for 6 MonthsHOOQ69910.00%9.40%5.00%
HOOQ VIPiso999 valid for 1 YearHOOQ99910.00%9.40%5.00%

HOOQ is a gateway to a world of unlimited entertainment. With just one app, you can stream, download and enjoy thousands of movies and TV series. All from your phone, laptop or tablet.

So whether you want to watch the latest Bollywood blockbuster, relax with Hollywood’s latest rom-com, scare yourself senseless with the new horror movie or catch up with your favorite TV series, HOOQ has you covered.

HOOQ gives you unlimited access to over 10,000 movies and TV series, and we’re growing every day! Discover endless adventure, eternal drama and non-stop laughter at your fingertips. Join us and widen your world of entertainment.

To enjoy unlimited access, just buy HOOQ VIPiso deals for 1 day, 7 days, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year at a very affordable price. Follow the steps to top-up and start streaming your favorite movies and TV shows!

How to top-up:

  1. Buy HOOQ VIPiso deals from any LoadCentral retailers
  2. Select the duration you want to subscribe (1day, 7 days, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year)
  3. Pay the amount corresponding to the subscription plan (P15, 59, 149, 369, 699, 999)
  4. An SMS will be sent to you with the ePIN code
  5. On your mobile phone, go to
  6. Enter your mobile number registered to HOOQ
  7. A one-time-pin will be sent to the mobile number you entered
  8. Enter the OTP code
  9. Enter the ePIN code
  10. Activation complete


SkyDirect PrepaidEffective Aug 23, 2019, SkyCable Prepaid will be known as SkyDirect Prepaid on LoadCentral. Discount structure was updated as well.

SkyDirect Prepaide-PIN (Satellite Products)

OLD (SkyCable Prepaid)NEW (SkyDirect Prepaid)
SkyPrepaid 99SkyDirect Prepaid 99
SkyPrepaid 150SkyDirect Prepaid 150
SkyPrepaid 250SkyDirect Prepaid 250
SkyPrepaid 450SkyDirect Prepaid 450

You can download the latest discount structure here.

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LoadCentral New Products: MakatiZen, PlayPark, PLDT FAMLOAD

We have new products in the LoadCentral platform: MakatiZen Prepaid Wifi, PlayPark and PLDT FAMLOAD.

MakatiZen (prepaid Wifi – Neo Converge ICT Solutions)e-PIN (Subscriptions)

Product NameProduct CodeDiscount
14 (1 GB valid for 1 day)MakatiZen146.00%5.70%5.00%
49 (2GB valid for 2 days)MakatiZen497.00%6.40%5.00%
90 (3 GB valid for 30 days)MakatiZen907.00%6.40%5.00%

MakatiZen Prepaid Wifi is from Neo Converge IT Solutions. This product is valid in Makati area only.

Effective July 1, 2019, LevelUp will be known as PlayPark. PLAYPARK will be used to recharge all LevelUp Games. After which, old LVLUP product codes will be deleted in our platform.

PlayParke-PIN (Game Products)

OLD (LevelUp)NEW (PlayPark)

Effective July 11, 2019, we have new PLDT denominations:

New PLDT Home Wifi Offer: FAMLOADSEload (Smart)

Product NameProduct CodeDiscount (Retailer)
PLDT FAMLOAD 15 (1GB Data, 1 day)FAMLOAD151.50%
PLDT FAMLOAD 50 (3GB Data, 3 days)FAMLOAD503.42%
PLDT FAMLOAD 199 (12GB Data, 7 days)FAMLOAD1993.42%
PLDT FAMLOAD 599 (40GB Data, 15 days)FAMLOAD5993.42%
PLDT FAMLOAD 999 (65GB Data, 30 days)FAMLOAD9993.42%
PLDT FAMLOAD 1499 (100GB Data, 30 days)FAMLOAD14993.42%

Realigned Pass-on Rates:

Product NameProduct CodeDiscount (Retailer)
PLDT Load 30PLP303.17%
PLDT Load 50PLP503.42%
PLDT Load 60PLP603.42%
PLDT Load 100PLP1003.42%
PLDT Load 115PLP1153.42%
PLDT Load 175PLP1753.42%
PLDT Load 200PLP2003.42%
PLDT Load 300PLP3003.42%
PLDT Load 500PLP5003.42%
PLDT Load 1000PLP10003.42%

You can download the latest discount structure here.

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Free DENT tokens for data and eload redemption

Here’s your chance to get Free DENT tokens that you can use to redeem mobile data or load credits from Globe, TNT, Smart, SmartBro, Sun, and Cherry Mobile.

All you have to do is install the android or iOS app using then confirm your account using your mobile number to get the free tokens.

DENT now available in the Philippines

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to install DENT on android or iOS:

1. Open on your phone or tablet. You may also use the QR below.

Install DENT using this barcode

Install DENT using this barcode

2. Install the app. Click “JOIN NOW” button.
Welcome to DENT app

3. Confirm your registration using your mobile number. Click the “right arrow” button on the bottom to proceed.

4. Click “GIVE PERMISSION” then wait for the automated call or text message to validate your number.

DENT phone call verificationDENT awaiting verification

5. Complete registration using Facebook or Google or manually enter your Name and Email Address. That’s it! Enjoy your free DENT tokens!

DENT Complete Information DetailsDENT Enter Name and Email Information
DENT PrivacyDENT Registration Complete

6. Use the free tokens to redeem mobile data or load credits from Globe, TNT, Smart, SmartBro, Sun, and Cherry Mobile.
DENT Dashboard

Note: The free tokens are only available if you use to install the app. Installing the app directly won’t give you free tokens.

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