How to Sell eLoad Products via SMS

1. LoadCentral Retailer types the Product Code that the buyer (end-user) chose and paid for. Then send the text message to any of the LoadCentral’s Access Number. Kindly note that selling eload products via SMS is just like sending a regular text message to someone. So regular text message fees apply. The retailer’s SIM card need to have a personal load to be able to send the code to the access numbers. Retailers are recommended to subscribe to UNLITEXT promos or use the webtool instead.


Sell eLoad Products via SMSSell eLoad Products via SMS

2. Retailer and Buyer get a confirmation message from LoadCentral.

Message to Retailer:
You have succesfully made an e-pin sale (Product Code) to (Mobile number of buyer). Your wallet balance is Pxxxx.xx. Trace #: xxxxxxx

Confirmation message to retailer

Message to Buyer:
You have purchased (Product Code) (PIN). Thank you for using our service. Trace #: xxxxxxx

Confirmation message to buyer

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