Why eLoad Retailing Is A Lucrative Business?


  • There are 70 Million cellular phones nationwide with a population of 98 Million (July 2010 est.) sending 900 Million SMS or text messages daily. Capture just 0.1% of it and you have at most 900,000 pesos worth of eload purchases!
  • Cellular phones, like any other electrical applicances, are expense-generating devices.
  • eLoading is a NECESSITY
  • Everyone LOADS means everybody is a potential Customer
  • Every Device needs a LOAD (cellphone / Internet / Cable TV / Telephone, and many more)

What are you waiting for? Be a part of this 3-Billion a month industry now!

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Why Choose LoadCentral for eLoad Business?

The LoadCentral platform can dispense 2 types of load products:

  1. e-load – this is the load for telecom companies like Globe, Smart, Sun, Talk ‘N Text, and Touch Mobile. The discount receive by Retailers ranges from 6-8%.
  2. e-pins – this is similar to eload but uses a card number and PIN number which are keyed in to reload your device or account. It is dispensed as a text message. Examples of this load product are Call Cards, Prepaid Internet Cards, Online Gaming Cards and Satellite Cards. Up to 23% discount is received by Retailers.

Other advantages of LoadCentral over the competition and traditional loading system:

  • 1 sim can load all networks – No need to have separate sim cards and phones just to sell load for different telecom companies.
  • many products to sell – Your investment is not tied up to a single product.
  • maximize profit by having fast moving inventory – Your walletload can be used to sell over 350 load products.
  • online loading facility available – with an internet, you can log in the webtool to sell load instantly and free.
  • generate reports conveniently using the webtool
  • free promotional materials

Over 350 prepaid services to sell!

LoadCentral Discount & Products List

Follow these simple steps to be a Retailer:

How to become a LoadCentral Retailer? How To Replenish LoadWallet From Loadcentral
Download reference materials Start selling eloads