LoadCentralPh.net is a LoadCentral infosite owned, operated and maintained by LoadCentral Dealer SMSRUs. This website aims to provide information to opportunity seekers about LoadCentral’s dealership and retailership programs and at the same time update existing retailers for new products and promos. This website also provides free retailer activation to new clients and replenish wallet loads of existing sub-dealers and retailers as well as help them solve problems encountered on their loading business. We are authorized by LoadCentral to register Sub-Dealers and Retailers.

LoadCentral.com.ph, owned and developed by Uniwiz Trade Sales, Inc., is the most successful distribution solution provider for all prepaid services in the Philippines today. With LoadCentral, any person with a cellular phone or PC with internet connection that has been registered into the LoadCentral database can dispense and retail prepaid card products without even carrying any sort of prepaid card inventory.

As an authorized Dealer and certified partner, SMSRUs is not an employee of Uniwiz Trade Sales, Inc. If in doubt, you may contact main office (Uniwiz Trade Sales, Inc.) and verify the authenticity of LoadCentral Dealer SMSRUs.

Dealer SMSRUs is a certified partner of Uniwiz!