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Free DENT tokens for data and eload redemption

Here’s your chance to get Free DENT tokens that you can use to redeem mobile data or load credits from Globe, TNT, Smart, SmartBro, Sun, and Cherry Mobile.

All you have to do is install the android or iOS app using then confirm your account using your mobile number to get the free tokens.

DENT now available in the Philippines

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to install DENT on android or iOS:

1. Open on your phone or tablet. You may also use the QR below.

Install DENT using this barcode

Install DENT using this barcode

2. Install the app. Click “JOIN NOW” button.
Welcome to DENT app

3. Confirm your registration using your mobile number. Click the “right arrow” button on the bottom to proceed.

4. Click “GIVE PERMISSION” then wait for the automated call or text message to validate your number.

DENT phone call verificationDENT awaiting verification

5. Complete registration using Facebook or Google or manually enter your Name and Email Address. That’s it! Enjoy your free DENT tokens!

DENT Complete Information DetailsDENT Enter Name and Email Information
DENT PrivacyDENT Registration Complete

6. Use the free tokens to redeem mobile data or load credits from Globe, TNT, Smart, SmartBro, Sun, and Cherry Mobile.
DENT Dashboard

Note: The free tokens are only available if you use to install the app. Installing the app directly won’t give you free tokens.

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Free web hosting and sub-domain for SubDealers and Retailers under Dealer SMSRUs

I am giving away free web hosting and sub-domain accounts to help subdealers and retailers registered with me promote their services on the net.

You can use these to create your own website to:

  1. advertise your loading business
  2. attract visitors to register with you as Retailer, if you are a SubDealer
  3. promote your LoadCentral affiliate link

The web hosting account has the following features:

  • own cPanel
  • softaculous auto installer (wordpress, etc)
  • 1 domain / sub-domain
  • 1GB space
  • 3GB bandwidth
  • PHP, CGI, Perl, Javascript, SSI & MySQL support

The sub-domain can be anything as long as it is not yet taken by others.

I can also host your own domain if you already have one. You can purchase domain from if you need one. Use “$1OFF2014” coupon upon checkout to get $1 discount and free lifetime whois protection.

If I will host your own domain, don’t forget to update your domain registrar to point the nameservers to my hosting server.

Expand your business through effective online marketing. Don’t underestimate the power of internet today. More and more people are searching the net about LoadCentral. Turn this traffic into customers!


  1. Must be an active SubDealer or Retailer under Dealer SMSRUs
  2. Email address where you want the cPanel log in details sent

    LoadCentral Account Information
    Registered SIM :
    Type :
    Full Name :
    Email :

    Domain To Host :.
    If Own Domain:
    captcha*Enter exact code displayed on the left side
    Sorry, not accepting requests temporarily...

    REMINDER: You cannot use this to host copyrighted data, phishing sites, anything illegal and perform email spamming.

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    FREE Money OR eload OR Walletload Replenishment

    We are giving away FREE eload / money to those who are not retailers yet OR walletload replenishment to those retailers who were registered under us. Visit for additional details. Earning cash is as easy as 1-2-3. Just register. Earn points by completing very simple tasks or referring us to others. Then redeem your points with free eload, walletload replenishment, cash, gift certificates OR anything we can email or ship to you.

    Contact us if you encounter any problem.

    Thank you,
    -Dealer SMSRUs

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