These are Features and Benefits of being a LoadCentral Retailer

  • FREE registration or NO joining fee
  • Can be used for personal consumption.
  • Can register any active prepaid or post-paid mobile phone from any of the carriers (Smart, Globe and Sun)
  • Minimum capital needed. No maintaining balance on Load Wallet
  • 2 ways of selling eloads and e-PINs: via SMS or PC with internet connection using the LoadCentral Webtool.
  • hundreds of prepaid services to sell – prepaid cards, phone cards, load cards, call cards, internet cards, etc
  • e-Pins of International Online Games like Pirate King Online and Acclaim Games – 9Dragons, 2 Moons, Bots and Dance, the fastest growing online games in the country is ONLY available at LoadCentral.
  • Can view transaction reports online
  • No need to worry about card inventory and card expirations
  • Capital not tied up to any specific prepaid product
  • System-generated sales transaction report
  • No monthly quota to meet
  • Friendly and Simple SMS Command

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