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Updates – Free Load Wallet in partnership with Smart Communications

Free LoadCentral WalletLoad

LoadCentral, in partnership with Smart Communications, will be rewarding retailers for selling Smart CRG products.

Below is the promo mechanics:

  1. Program period is from October 28 – 31, 2016
  2. For every single-receipt transaction of any product from Smart CRG worth P500 and above (Smart, TNT, Red, Sun, Meralco load, PLDT, Cignal), retailer is entitled to receive P50 worth of load wallet the next day. Higher sale means more incentives.
  3. A retailer should sell any of the products listed below to receive an incentive:

    Product Description Product Code
    Smart 500 SM50
    Smart 1000 SM1000
    Smart Bro 500 SMBRO500
    Smart BRO Unlisurf 500 SMBROUnli500
    Smart BRO Unlisurf 995 SMBROUnli995
    Smart BRO Surf Max 500 SMBROSURFMAX500
    Smart BRO Surf Max 995 SMBROSURFMAX995
    Smart Surf Max 999 SMSURFMAX999
    Smart Surf Max Plus 995 SMSURFMAXPLS995
    Red Mobile 500 RED500
    Red Mobile Call & Text Unli 750 REDCTU750
    PLDT Load 500 PLP500
    PLDT Load 1000 PLP1000
    CIGNAL Load Plan 590 HD590
    Meralco Load 550 ILW550
    Meralco Load 1100 ILW1100
    Sun Xpressload 500 SNX500
    Sun Xpressload Mobile Internet 999 SNXI999

Here is a sample computation if a retailer sold the following:

Product Sold Load Wallet incentive
Smart Bro 500 50
Smart BRO Unlisurf 500 50
Smart BRO Unlisurf 995 50
Smart BRO Surf Max 500 50
Smart BRO Surf Max 995 50
Total Incentive 250

LoadCentral will send the load wallet incentive to the retailer’s account the following day.

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