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LoadCentral Product Update – NEW Cignal Reload Cards e-PIN

We have NEW Cignal Reload Cards e-PIN denominations:

Cignal Reload Cardse-PIN Product (Satellite)

Product DescriptionProduct CodeDiscount
Cignal Reload Cards PHP 200CRC2006.50%5.90%4.50%
Cignal Reload Cards PHP 300CRC3006.50%5.90%4.50%
Cignal Reload Cards PHP 450CRC4506.50%5.90%4.50%
Cignal Reload Cards PHP 500CRC5006.50%5.90%4.50%
Cignal Reload Cards PHP 600CRC6006.50%5.90%4.50%
Cignal Reload Cards PHP 800CRC28006.50%5.90%4.50%
Cignal Reload Cards PHP 1000CRC10006.50%5.90%4.50%

Note: The Cignal Reload Cards PHP 450 (CRC450) product will soon replace CIGNAL430. Currently, LoadCentral still has inventory for CIGNAL430 – good for 20 days or less. CIGNAL430 will be removed from the platform once the stock is depleted.

On the other hand, the following CIGNAL denominations has been DISCONTINUED as announced previously:

  • Cignal Lite 100 LOAD for 30days (CIGNAL100) – Discontinued
  • Cignal Lite 175 LOAD for 30 days (CIGNAL175) – Discontinued
  • CIGNAL RELOAD CARD 400 (CIGNAL400) – Discontinued
  • CIGNAL RELOAD CARD 430 (CIGNAL430) – Soon to be discontinued

You can download the latest discount structure here.

For your guidance.

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LoadCentral New Products & Updates – Pusoy Pinoy | Smart BRO Unlisurf | XPoints (NBA 2k Online) | CIGNAL400

We have a new product in the LoadCentral platform – Pusoy Pinoy.

Pusoy Pinoye-PIN Product (Game Product)

PUSOY50Beginner Pack (1.5 M Gold)P50
PUSOY100Bronze Pack (3.15M Gold)P100
PUSOY250Silver Pack (8.25 M Gold)P250
PUSOY500Gold Pack (17.250 M Gold)P500
PUSOY1000Platinum Pack (36M Gold)P1,000
PUSOY2500Diamond Pack (93.750M Gold)P2,500

Pinoygame is proud to be the leading entertainment provider dedicated to the Philippines. With more than 200,000 players online with the most beautifully designed card games, you surely will have endless hours of enjoyment with our product, Pusoy Pinoy. And the best part is its completely FREE for you to play anytime, anywhere and with anyone you like. Join our massive community of online gamers now!

Step 1: Start your Pusoy Pinoy client on your mobile device (Android or IOS)
Step 2: Login using your Facebook account or just hit Play Now
Step 3: Choose the game you would like to play (Pusoy or Pusoy Dos)
Step 4: Click on the $ sign on the top right corner of your screen
Step 5: Under the drop down menu, select the appropriate GOLD button .
Step 6: FillSerial number and code number, after click top-up.

See additional details at

For players/buyers, please visit or email

ANNOUNCEMENT: The following denominations / products are already decommissioned. Please remove them from your product list immediately.

Smart BRO Unlisurfe-Load Product

DenominationProduct Code
Smart BRO Unlisurf 50SMBROUnli50
Smart BRO Unlisurf 200SMBROUnli200
Smart BRO Unlisurf 500SMBROUnli500

XPoints (NBA 2k Online)e-PIN Product (Game Product)

DenominationProduct Code
Php 100XPOINTS100
Php 300XPOINTS300
Php 500XPOINTS500
Php 1000XPOINTS1000

CIGNAL400e-PIN Product (Satellite Product)

DenominationProduct Code
Reload Card 400CIGNAL400

***Affected products enrolled in the LoadCentral platform will be removed accordingly. In case product can still be found on the webtool, a “Transaction is NOT Allowed” or “Out of Stock” error will be prompted when they are sold.

You can download the latest discount structure here.

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LoadCentral New Products & Updates – Steam935 | SkyCable PPV229 | XPoints1000 | Cignal Reload Cards Adjustment

Here are the new products & updates in the LoadCentral platform:

  1. Steam Wallet CodesGame PIN Product (Additional Denomination)

    Product NameProduct Code
    PHP800 Steam Wallet – SRP @ PHP935Steam935

  2. SkyCable PrepaidSatellite Product (Additional Denomination)
    ***This denomination can be used for the Donaire-Bedak fight.

    Product NameProduct Code

  3. XPoints (NBA2k Online)Game PIN Product (Additional Denomination)

    Product NameProduct Code

ANNOUNCEMENT: Cignal Reload Cards pass-on rates were reduced effective today and we are adjusting accordingly with the new stocks we have purchased.

Product NameProduct Code

You can download the latest discount structure here.

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Procedure On How To Load CIGNAL Reload Card

Currently, there are 4 CIGNAL reload cards that can be sold through the LoadCentral platform: CIGNAL100, CIGNAL300, CIGNAL400 & CIGNAL430. For the latest list of CIGNAL codes, refer to this file

The PIN, which will be loaded manually by the buyer into their CIGNAL account, will be sent to the buyer’s number. Alternatively, the Retailer can enter his own mobile number if the customer has no phone. The Retailer then provides the PIN to the buyer later on.

Here is the procedure on how to get the PIN:

  • via SMS
  • Product Code [space] SMS password [space] buyer's number then send to any of the official LoadCentral access numbers

  • via webtool / customized webtool
  • 1. Click SATELLITE button from the menu.
    2. Select the specific CIGNAL product from the list.
    3. Enter the cellphone number of the customer in the BUYER’S NO textbox.
    4. Click SELL PRODUCT button to proceed.

Here’s how the customer loads the PIN to his CIGNAL account manually via SMS using a Sun or Smart/TNT number only:

1. Compose this message on the customer’s mobile phone:
CIGNAL [space] PIN [space] Cignal Account Number

Example: CIGNAL 62154844125414 01111111

2. Send to 5353
3. A text message will be received confirming your request.

If you do not know your Cignal Account Number, here are 2 ways to get it:

  • Refer to your Cignal Statement of Account. Your account number is stated there.
  • Using the Smart Card Serial Number. Follow these simple steps:
  • 1. Gently pull out your SMART CARD from the set-top box and check the backside of the card.
    2. The 12-digit Smart Card Number appears in this format: 0000 00XX XXXX.
    3. For Smart/TNT or Sun subscribers, text: CIGNAL [space] SC [space] 12-digit Smart Card #
    4. Send the message to 5353.
    5. A text message will be received with the customer’s account number.

To inquire about load expiry:

1. For Smart/TNT or Sun subscribers, text: CIGNAL [space] EXP [space] Cignal Account Number
2. Send the message to 5353.
3. A text message will be received with the expiry date of your load.

Subscribers can also register their Cignal account to their Sun or Smart/TNT number for easy reloading. There’s no need to retype the account number every time they reload their Cignal account later on. Follow these simple steps:

1. Text: CIGNAL [space] REG [space] Cignal Account Number
2. Send the message to 5353.
3. For next reloading, just send CIGNAL [space] PIN to 5353.


  • CIGNAL LITE 100 (CIGNAL100) is valid only for HD account.
  • Standard SMS rates apply when sending text message to 5353.

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