Currently, there are 4 CIGNAL reload cards that can be sold through the LoadCentral platform: CIGNAL100, CIGNAL300, CIGNAL400 & CIGNAL430.

A card number and a pin, which will be loaded manually by the buyer into their CIGNAL account, will be sent to the buyer’s number. Alternatively, the Retailer can enter his own mobile number if the customer has no phone. The Retailer then provides the card # and pin to the buyer.

Here is the procedure on how to get the card # and the pin:

  • via SMS
  • CIGNAL Product code [space] sms password [space] buyer's number then send to any of the official LoadCentral access numbers

  • via webtool / customized webtool
  • 1. Click SATELLITE button from the menu.
    2. Select the specific CIGNAL product from the list.
    3. Enter the cellphone number of the customer in the BUYER’S NO textbox.
    4. Click SELL PRODUCT button to proceed.

Here’s how the customer loads the PIN to his CIGNAL account manually via SMS using a Sun or Smart number only:

1. Compose this message on the customer’s mobile phone:
CIGNAL [space] PIN [space] CIGNAL ACCT#

Example: CIGNAL 62154844125414 01111111

2. Send to 5353

*Note: CIGNAL LITE 100 (CIGNAL100) is valid only for HD account.

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