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LoadCentral Product Update – NEW Cignal Reload Cards e-PIN

We have NEW Cignal Reload Cards e-PIN denominations:

Cignal Reload Cardse-PIN Product (Satellite)

Product DescriptionProduct CodeDiscount
Cignal Reload Cards PHP 200CRC2006.50%5.90%4.50%
Cignal Reload Cards PHP 300CRC3006.50%5.90%4.50%
Cignal Reload Cards PHP 450CRC4506.50%5.90%4.50%
Cignal Reload Cards PHP 500CRC5006.50%5.90%4.50%
Cignal Reload Cards PHP 600CRC6006.50%5.90%4.50%
Cignal Reload Cards PHP 800CRC28006.50%5.90%4.50%
Cignal Reload Cards PHP 1000CRC10006.50%5.90%4.50%

Note: The Cignal Reload Cards PHP 450 (CRC450) product will soon replace CIGNAL430. Currently, LoadCentral still has inventory for CIGNAL430 – good for 20 days or less. CIGNAL430 will be removed from the platform once the stock is depleted.

On the other hand, the following CIGNAL denominations has been DISCONTINUED as announced previously:

  • Cignal Lite 100 LOAD for 30days (CIGNAL100) – Discontinued
  • Cignal Lite 175 LOAD for 30 days (CIGNAL175) – Discontinued
  • CIGNAL RELOAD CARD 400 (CIGNAL400) – Discontinued
  • CIGNAL RELOAD CARD 430 (CIGNAL430) – Soon to be discontinued

You can download the latest discount structure here.

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