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What is LoadCentral?

LoadCentral is a provider of all kinds of prepaid load for Philippine Mobile Companies.

It is the most successful distribution solution provider for all prepaid services in the country today.

It facilitates the dispensing of airtime credits via SMS or a web-interface. This system can dispense electronic PINs (e-PINs) and even directly top-up credit into a subscriber’s account. With LoadCentral, any person with a cellular phone or PC with internet connection that has been registered into the LoadCentral platform can dispense and retail prepaid card products without even carrying any sort of prepaid card inventory. A LoadCentral Retailer can now either sell e-PINs of any brand of prepaid products, or even top-up or and directly send load into subscriber’s account with a few simple steps using his mobile phone or PC with internet connection.

Uniwiz Trade Sales, Inc. the developer and owner of the undisputed number one universal loading platform in the country today LOADCENTRAL, is formerly owned by ComWorks Inc. the leading distributor of E-Loads, Physical Call Cards, Prepaid Internet Cards, Online Gaming Cards, Satellite Cards and others in the Philippines. ComWorks organized Uniwiz Trade Sales, Inc. on April 2005 to further expand its already vast distribution network which includes LoadCentral.

Proving its excellence, LoadCentral was acquired by MOL AccessPortal Sdn Bhd (MOL), a leading payment service provider for online games, virtual worlds and social network in Asia, on Jun 2011 enabling LoadCentral to strengthen its offerings and broaden its reach.

On Apr 2018, Razer, the gaming brand, bought MOL Global for $61M. The acquisition combined Razer’s zGold and MOL Global’s MOLPoints virtual credits business, creating one of the largest virtual credits platforms for gamers in the world.

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How To Replenish LoadWallet From Loadcentral Main Office

LoadCentral office address:
3rd Flr. Comworks Corporate Center
1050 Quezon Avenue
Quezon City

Uniwiz / LoadCentral Bank Details:

Branch : Herrera St., Legaspi Village Makati
Savings Acct. # : 0553-0555-17640

#1. Avoid online transfers beyond 6PM! This will not reflect in the transaction log
#2. Deposit charge waived for provincial deposits

Branch : Salcedo Branch
203 Salcedo St., Legaspi Village, Makati
Current Acct. # : 00253-800-3615

Note: Deposit charge waived for provincial deposits

The sub-dealer or retailer can inform LoadCentral office of their fund transfer or deposit by:

  • For those sub-dealers and retailers who are in Metro Manila they can call the LoadCentral’s contact numbers stated below and provide the following information:
  1. LoadCentral Username (mobile number or alphanumeric account registered in the system)
  2. Amount transferred or deposited
  3. Name of bank and branch location (if BDO, please include the 3-digit branch code. That is the figure followed by the letters cd on the lower left portion of the deposit validation stamp)
  4. Date and time fund transfer or deposit was made
  • Sending SMS message to the Automated Verification Text Hotline 09285083355 using the following syntax. Kindly note that sending of incomplete deposit details or sending incorrect syntax will nullify your SMS. To avoid any inconvenience, kindly follow syntax and complete your details.
  1. For Bank deposits:
  2. Banco De Oro
    DEP [space] RegName [comma] UserName/Registered Number [comma] BDO [comma] BranchName [comma] BranchCode [comma] Date [comma] Time [comma] Amount

    DEP Juan dela Cruz,09181234567,BDO,Grace Park Caloocan,123cd,2011-12-31,16:31:19,15000

    DEP [space] RegName [comma] UserName/Registered Number [comma] MBTC [comma] BranchName [comma] Date [comma] Time [comma] Amount

    DEP Juan dela Cruz,09181234567,MBTC,Grace Park Caloocan,2011-12-31,16:31:19,15000

  3. For online banking:
  4. BDO-IB
    DEP [space] RegName [comma] UserName/Registered Number [comma] BDO-IB [comma] ReferenceNumber [comma] DateTime [comma] Amount

    DEP Juan dela Cruz,09181234567,BDO-IB,FT-20111234-9876543,2011-12-31,16:31:19,15000

    DEP [space] RegName [comma] UserName/Registered Number [comma] MBTC-IB [comma] SequenceNumber [comma] Date [comma] Time [comma] Amount

    DEP Juan dela Cruz,09181234567,MBTC-IB,123456,2011-12-31,16:31:19,15000

  5. For Follow Ups:
  6. Format:
    FF [space] Registered Number [space] BANK [space] Date and Time of Deposit / Transfer

  7. For other concerns with Verification:
  8. Format:
    DEP [space] MSG [comma] Message to Verification [comma] Registered Number

  • You can also email the details of your payments to
  • Email subject: Replenish wallet load (Mon DD YYYY)
    Email body: compose something like

    I have deposited xxxx pesos into LoadCentral’s BDO/MB bank account. Please help process my wallet load.

    username = 09171234567
    account type = SubDealer or Retailer
    name = Your Registered Name
    bank = BDO/MB
    bank code = 123
    branch = Bank’s Branch Location
    date = Mon DD YYYY hh:mm:ss
    amount = xxxx

    Thank you very much.

Things to note:

  • Php1.00 = 1 LoadCentral loadwallet credit
  • The minimum amount of deposit is Php500.00. LoadCentral office will not entertain amounts less than that.
  • Cut-off time for deposit verification is 6:00PM Mondays to Fridays. No verification & walletload replenishment on weekends and holidays. All SMS, phone calls and chat messages beyond this time will be processed on the next working day.
  • Processing on the average is 2 hours depending on the volume of transactions. Also if the bank’s system is down which is beyond LoadCentral’s control, it may take a bit longer.
  • BPI and SmartMoney/SmartPadala have been discontinued as of Mar 1, 2019. Please do not use these payment options or send to any accounts not stated here to avoid any inconvenience.
  • EastWest Bank has been added as a new payment option to replenish our walletload.
  • Refer to the payment verification page to get the bank’s branch code/name or reference number.

If you wish to contact Customer Service Support, check their contact details here.

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Contact LoadCentral Main Office

Contact LoadCentral Office:

3rd Flr. Comworks Corporate Center
1050 Quezon Avenue
Quezon City

For inquires, please contact:
Customer Service Support:
(02) 8441-2407, (02) 8441-5164
(02) 8441-5171, (02) 8441-5357
(02) 8441-5356, (02) 8441-2414
(02) 8441-6238, (02) 8441-6239

*By Oct 6, 2019, the numeric identifier 8 was affixed to our existing trunklines in compliance with the National Telecommunications Commission M.O. 10-10-2017. After the migration, the previous 7-digit numbers (ie. 441-2407) will no longer be reachable.

Mobile: +639285067310
Customer Support:
IT Support:
After Sales Support:
Sales Department:

Monday to Saturday = 9:00AM – 10:00PM
Sunday = 10:00AM – 6:00PM

Deposit Verification Hotline:
Mobile: +639285083355

Monday to Friday = 9:00AM – 6:00PM
Saturday, Sunday & Holidays = No verification & walletload replenishment

How to go there:
The building is just across Fisher Mall. It is between BDO and Sogo Hotel. Sogo is located at the corner of Quezon Avenue and Roces Avenue. There is pedestrian foot bridge right smack in the middle of our building and landings on both sides serve as bus and jeepney stops.

>>> Load Central Main Office Location Map <<<

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