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LoadCentral Updates – International Products (Steam, Google Play, iTunes) Price Adjustments

Important announcement:

As anticipated, the weakening of the PHP currency against USD caused a significant spike on purchase cost of the following international products:

  • Steam
  • Google Play
  • iTunes

Please be advised that by 29 November 2016 09:00 Philippine time, new SRP of the said products will take effect:

Product Code
NEW SRPDiscount
PHP50 Steam WalletSTEAM65Php 65.007.00%6.70%6.00%
PHP100 Steam WalletSTEAM130Php 130.007.00%6.70%6.00%
PHP250 Steam WalletSTEAM325Php 325.007.00%6.70%6.00%
PHP500 Steam WalletSTEAM645Php 645.007.00%6.70%6.00%
PHP800 Steam WalletSTEAM1025Php 1,025.007.00%6.70%6.00%
PHP1,000 Steam WalletSTEAM1285Php 1,285.007.00%6.70%6.00%
PHP2,200 Steam WalletSTEAM2820Php 2,820.007.00%6.70%6.00%
Google Play $10GOOGLEPLAY630Php 630.005.00%4.70%4.00%
Google Play $15GOOGLEPLAY945Php 945.005.00%4.70%4.00%
Google Play $25GOOGLEPLAY1565Php 1,565.005.00%4.70%4.00%
iTunes $10ITUNES630Php 630.007.00%6.70%6.00%
iTunes $15ITUNES945Php 945.007.00%6.70%6.00%
iTunes $20ITUNES1260Php 1,260.007.00%6.70%6.00%

Discount percentage remains the same but due to the SRP increase, your earnings has also increased. For questions and concerns, please contact Uniwiz Trade Sales, Inc.

You can download the latest discount structure here.

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