These are the Features and Benefits of being a LoadCentral Sub-Dealer

  • Direct Selling – Become your own retailer. Sell eloads and receive in your retailer account up to 23% commission on each sale while earning as much as 5% commission in your Sub-Dealer account. Or use for your own lifetime personal consumption.
  • LoadCentral Discount & Products List

  • Retailers Registration – Earn as much as Php200 on every retailer activation. You have the option to charge your retailer upon signup. If they go directly to LoadCentral, they will be required to have an initial investment of Php1000. With UniLOAD, that are no minimum loadwallet deposit and no minimum maintaining balance.
  • Register unlimited number of Loadcentral retailers

  • Retailers Overrides – Earn up to 5% commission on every retailer’s sale. Track your GRO (gross retailer overrides) inside your online inventory system.
  • Earn up to 5% commission on every LoadCentral retailer's sale

  • Direct Referral Incentives – Receive Php200 for every Sub-Dealer that you refer. See details here!
  • Team Sales Incentives – This is the explosive earning of being a UniLOAD Sub-Dealer. Receive Php500 for every pairing in your team.
  • Receive Php500 for every LoadCentral Sub-Dealer pairing in your team

  • Safety Net – Important in order to promote equal earning opportunity of Sub-Dealers. This also ensures the company’s financial stability for growth and expansion.
  • Maximum earning of a LoadCentral Sub-Dealer

What are you waiting for? Be a LoadCentral SubDealer now!

Uniload, a networking company who had a LoadCentral Dealership account, has closed shop since Feb 2012. Safety Net and Team Sales Incentives are benefits from joining Uniload.

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