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LoadCentral New Product: R-Coin of MIN Communications, Inc. (Korea)

We have a new online game on the platform: R-Coin of MIN Communications, Inc. from Korea (

Product NameProduct CodeDealerSubDealerRetailer
R-Coin 20RCOIN2016.00%15.10%13.00%4 R-Coins
R-Coin 50RCOIN5016.00%15.10%13.00%10 R-Coins
R-Coin 80RCOIN8016.00%15.10%13.00%16 R-Coins
R-Coin 105RCOIN10516.00%15.10%13.00%21 R-Coins
R-Coin 315RCOIN31516.00%15.10%13.00%63 + 3 R-Coins
R-Coin 370RCOIN37016.00%15.10%13.00%74 + 4 R-Coins
R-Coin 525RCOIN52516.00%15.10%13.00%105 + 6 R-Coins
R-Coin 1050RCOIN105016.00%15.10%13.00%210 + 16 R-Coins
R-Coin 2100RCOIN210016.00%15.10%13.00%420 + 40 R-Coins

Modern and School Background Full 3D MMORPG, RAN Online is developed by Min Communications, Inc., an online game developer from Korea. Upon Its variety of contents and actions, RAN online has been beloved and played for over 8 years in Taiwan, Philippines and many other countries in Asia.

RAN Online is a Free-to-Play game and its system requirements are fairly low and therefore, it can easily be played by anyone. The most distinguishable feature of RAN online GS is its Battle System. The different strategies unfolded by each class with different abilities make the game more enjoyable and the brilliant skills and superb sense of attack will give you delight.

Especially, RAN’s PvP systems the Duel, Club Battle, Lead Club Battle and etc have reborn as Global Competitions in RAN Online GS. You will be able to experience the battles in massive scale against other players from all over the world.

You can download the latest discount structure here.

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