Here is your chance to upgrade your Retailer account to Sub-Dealership. For just Php800 upgrade fee you can be a Sub-Dealer of LoadCentral and manage your own Retailers. You can check the benefits of a LoadCentral Sub-Dealer here.


  • must already be a LoadCentral Retailer under Dealer SMSRUs
  • new sim card for your Sub-Dealer account
  • Php800 upgrade fee
  • scanned copy of 1 valid ID to move your existing Retailer account to your new Sub-Dealer account

Package includes:

  • lifetime Sub-Dealership account
  • 1 set of promotional kit (tarpaulin, poster, manuals, instructions, brochure, etc) – can be picked up for free OR shipped to you for a small fee
  • ability to register unlimited number of Retailers
  • no minimum monthly walletload quota
  • excellent support

Please provide all the necessary details needed for your upgrade using the form below.

    Existing Retailer Number :
    First Name :
    Middle Initial :
    Last Name :
    Town/City :
    Province :
    ID Type :  If Others, enter type of ID here : 
    ID Number :
    Email Address :
    Note: Instructions and payment details will be sent here. So enter a valid email address!

    Mobile number to register as a Sub-Dealer :  Format: 09171234567
    Business Kit :

    captcha*Enter exact code displayed on the left side
    Referred By :


    1. The Php800 upgrade fee is a non-refundable
    2. No walletload credits included on the upgrade fee
    3. Details of payment options will be sent to your email address right after you submit the registration form. Make sure “” is not in your spam list. Check your inbox/spam/junk folders.
    4. Upgrade request will only be processed after we receive your payment.
    5. This upgrade promo will end on Jul 31, 2018. Once ended, you can still submit your application thru the regular LoadCentral SubDealer registration form.

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