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LoadCentral New Product – BLINK from SM Cinema & Solar Entertainment

We have a new product in the LoadCentral platform – BLINK from SM Cinema & Solar Entertainment.

Blink (SM Cinema & Solar Entertainment)e-PIN Product (Others)

Product NameProduct CodeDealerSubDealerRetailer
Blink 60BLINK6013.00%12.10%10.00%
Blink 99BLINK9913.00%12.10%10.00%
Blink 125BLINK12513.00%12.10%10.00%
Blink 150BLINK15013.00%12.10%10.00%
Blink 249BLINK24913.00%12.10%10.00%
Blink 1188BLINK118813.00%12.10%10.00%

Missed latest blockbuster movies or episodes of your favorite series*? Worry not! With BLINK, you can watch latest movies just 3 months after theatrical release and a wide array of contents for you and the family. Soon, catch BTV and other LIVE channels for FREE! Sign-up now at or download the BLINK app on iOS and Android.

Blink Features Chart*Available contents from partner production networks.

Can’t get enough of Miss Universe 2016? Stay ahead of the crowd with the Blink Miss Universe Season Pass! Get15-minute updates, behind the scene access and never before seen footages of Ms. Universe for only 249 pesos! Sign up for the Blink Miss Universe SeasonPass now and enjoy exclusive Miss Universe content until February 28, 2017!

Blink Free Live Channels

BLINK is your video-on-demand streaming service venture by SM Cinema & Solar Entertainment. Sign-up now at or download the BLINK app on iOS and Android.
Blink Unlimited Viewing

1. Log on to your BLINK account at or BLINK app.
2. Select the content you want to watch.
3. Click “Watch Now” or “Play” then enter the Coupon Code.

Blink Reloading Process***Coupon code is case-sensitive. Please double check and type carefully.

For CUSTOMERS 02-470-2222 or

You can download the latest discount structure here.

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