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LoadCentral Access Numbers

The official LoadCentral SMS gateway is 09229990214.

Here are the other back-up SMS Access Numbers.

Smart – 09209456856, 09209456857, 09286863098, 09286863078, 09286863079, 09286863097
Globe – 09052031349, 09052031336, 09052031345, 09052031346, 09178662418
Sun – 09228504340, 09224512799

Note: As of Jan 9 2012, all back-up access numbers were reactivated. Kindly use these numbers until the new Sun SMS gateway 09229990214 has stabilized. Please take note that loading through these access numbers is not free.

For Smart, Talk ‘n Text, Red Mobile and Sun subscribers, you can use the Vanity Number: 2948 to send SMS load commands free of charge. If it becomes unstable/erratic, please use the regular access numbers indicated above which are always online.

2948 is not available to Globe and Touch Mobile subscribers. Please use the regular access numbers indicated above.

1. selling e-loads through theĀ Webtool is highly recommended. It is convenient, instant and free!
2. Phone related transactions like change of password, deposit verification, unlocking of locked account, etc. are not instant. Wait for the reply before proceeding to the next step.

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