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LoadCentral New Product: uCoins and WTFast

We have a new online gaming products on the platform: uCoins (GNS Philippines) and WTFast (Gamers Private Network).

uCoins (GNS Philippines)e-PIN (Game Products)

Product NameProduct CodeDiscount
uCoins 49UCOINS498.50%7.90%6.50%
uCoins 249UCOINS2498.50%7.90%6.50%
uCoins 499UCOINS4998.50%7.90%6.50%
uCoins 999UCOINS9998.50%7.90%6.50%
uCoins 1999UCOINS19998.50%7.90%6.50%
uCoins 4999UCOINS49998.50%7.90%6.50%


Take your mobile gaming to the next level!

Play Social Tongits, the all-time favorite Filipino card game on your mobile device. Or challenge with newly revamped single-player Tongits game in Ultimate Tongits. Lucky 8 is fun and simple casual card game. Might want to exercise your BRAIN with tricky Math Puzzles in Connect 10. Better get those nostalgic carnival feels as you play your favorite Pinoy Perya on Color Game.

For non-stop mobile gaming & fun, recharge uCoins now!


  1. Purchase uCoins from any LoadCentral retail partner
  2. You will receive SMS confirmation of your purchased LoadCentral pin.

    LoadCentral: You bought uCoins P4999 (36M uCoins) ePIN SERIAL 4999ABC1D2 PIN AB12CDEFGHIJ Top up at HELP? Chat Ref:12345678

  3. Go to and click on TOPUP.
  4. Select your mobile game.
  5. Select LoadCentral as your payment method.
  6. Input your game username and LoadCentral pin.
  7. Done! You may now use your uCoins and play!


WTFast (Gamers Private Network)e-PIN (Game Products)

Product NameProduct CodeDiscount
WTFast 500WTFAST50016.00%15.10%13.00%
WTFast 1425WTFAST142516.00%15.10%13.00%
WTFast 2700WTFAST270016.00%15.10%13.00%
WTFast 4995WTFAST499516.00%15.10%13.00%


Experience gaming without Lag with the WTFast Gamers Private Network!

WTFast is a subscription-based network solution that optimizes online game connections, reducing average ping, and dramatically reducing ping spikes, flux and loss. Every time there is a spike in your game connection, this is a potential missed move and your in-game demise! WTFast ensures you have an optimal online game connection all the time.

WTFast uses an intelligent server network to route your game connection. Our service focuses on creating the best connection possible for gaming, and only gaming! If you care about your connection, and want the best online experience possible, then you NEED to subscribe to WTFast! It could mean the difference between winning and losing!

Save yourself from lost packets, high ping times, and unpredictable performance. Over 1,000 games supported including World of Warcraft, Overwatch, League of Legends, Age of Wushu, CS:GO, Heroes of the Storm, Ragnarok, World of Tanks and many more.

Want the best online experience possible? SUBSCRIBE to WTFast now!


  1. Go to
  2. Click Activate Key Button on the bottom center of the page
  3. Create or Login into your Account
  4. Enter your 32 Character Pin. You’re all set!


You can download the latest discount structure here.

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