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LoadCentral New Product – MigMe (MigCredits / MigCoins)

We have a new product in the LoadCentral platform – MigMe.

The product has a good potential. They contract celebrities to tap their fan base. Monetization is on gifting – fans pay for flowers/teddy bear stickers to send to their idols. Celebrities get commission from the paid stickers they received.

MigMee-PIN Product (Others)

Denomination Product Code
PHP 20 MigCredits / MigCoins MIGME20
PHP 50 MigCredits / MigCoins MIGME50
PHP 100 MigCredits / MigCoins MIGME100
PHP 200 MigCredits / MigCoins MIGME200
PHP 300 MigCredits / MigCoins MIGME300
PHP 500 MigCredits / MigCoins MIGME500

MigMe is an app that lets you meet new people, connect with friends, have fun and be entertained. You can chat, share, play, or just hang out! Download the app and create your account now! Visit for more details.


  1. Login to your account on MigMe, and head to your Credit Recharge page. Choose “LoadCentral” for your payment method.
  2. Enter the PIN that you have purchased from a LoadCentral retailer, and click on “Next”.
  3. migCredits or MGC will be credited to your account if the transaction is successful.

Should you have concerns or problems, you may contact for assistance.

You can download the latest discount structure here.

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