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LoadCentral Product Update – new CIGNAL Load Plans on Smart e-Load

Cignal and Smart have decommissioned the CIGNAL plans 430 HD and 590 HD and have replaced them with the following:

Product NameProduct CodeDealerSubDealerRetailer
Plan 450 SDCIGNALSD4505.00%4.70%4.00%1month subscription | 59 SD Channels
Plan 450 HDCIGNAL4505.00%4.70%4.00%1month subscription | 5 HD Channels, 59 SD Channel
Plan 500 HDCIGNAL5005.00%4.70%4.00%1month subscription | 9 HD Channels, 62 SD Channel
Plan 600 HDCIGNAL6005.00%4.70%4.00%1month subscription | 15 HD Channels, 67 SD Channel
Plan 800 HDCIGNAL8005.00%4.70%4.00%1month subscription | 18 HD Channels, 73 SD Channel
Plan 1000 HDCIGNAL10005.00%4.70%4.00%1month subscription | 21 HD Channels, 80 SD Channel

Note: These Cignal denominations are processed by Smart, and are auto-topped up to subscriber’s account. In any case of top-up concerns, please contact LoadCentral customer service representative.

You can download the latest discount structure here.

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