We have a new online gaming product from WarPortal on the platform: Ragnarok Journey Philippines.

WarpPortal PH: Ragnarok Journey Philippinese-PIN (Game Products)

Product Name Product Code Discount
Dealer SubDealer Retailer
WarpPortal 50 (100 Points Ragnarok Journey) WPPH50 15.00% 14.10% 12.00%
WarpPortal 100 (200 Points Ragnarok Journey) WPPH100 15.00% 14.10% 12.00%
WarpPortal 250 (500 Points Ragnarok Journey) WPPH250 15.00% 14.10% 12.00%
WarpPortal 500 (1k Points Ragnarok Journey) WPPH500 15.00% 14.10% 12.00%
WarpPortal 750 (1.5 Points Ragnarok Journey) WPPH750 15.00% 14.10% 12.00%
WarpPortal 1000 (2k Points Ragnarok Journey) WPPH1000 15.00% 14.10% 12.00%
WarpPortal 1500 (3k Points Ragnarok Journey) WPPH1500 15.00% 14.10% 12.00%
WarpPortal 2500 (15k Points Ragnarok Journey) WPPH2500 15.00% 14.10% 12.00%

WarpPortal launches Philippine game portal at www.warpportalph.com! Use Warpportal PH PINs to top up its NEW game title: Ragnarok Journey Philippines. LoadCentral product code is WPPH[amount].

Ragnarok Journey Philippines is a practically automated, fast-paced, 3rd person fantasy MMORPG, where friends can make parties, groups can make guilds, and battle powerful monsters and Gods. Combine hundreds of options to optimize your equipment and appearance, along with customizable stats and skills to make your adventurer truly unique! With various classes, you can find the one that fits your play style, band together in parties to fight powerful MVP bosses for unique gear or hunt monsters for cards to get unique and customizable effects for your equipment.

Sell these newly acquired items or player-created ones, including potions and weapons, to your fellow adventurers in a fully player-driven economy. Take pets out for a walk through the hundreds of areas from lush forests to creepy ruins or even through the bottom of the ocean! Quest for and hunt the deadliest of creatures, learn of the lore and history of Midgard, and journey to new locations that become available with Ragnarok’s regular free game updates.


  1. Go to https://www.warpportalph.com/account/login.aspx and login to your account
  2. Hit Power-Up on the left menu.
  3. Select LoadCentral as Payment Method and choose your account.
  4. Enter your Pin. You’re all set!

SUPPORT and PIN STATUS CHECKING: https://support.warpportalph.com

You can download the latest discount structure here.

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