We have a new product in the platform – Marino Textmate from Smart Communications, Inc.

Marino Textmate (Maritime Text from Smart):

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Marino Textmate is a prepaid SIM that allows seafarers to send SMS to the Philippines at affordable rates while they are on or off the vessel, as long as there is GSM signal. Seafarers can send SMS with significantly cheaper rates from regular roaming charges. Rates are P2 per text sent for on-net SMS (SMART and Talk ‘N Text) and P6 for off-net (SUN & Globe). Top-up card denomination are: Marino Textmate P100 – (30 days expiration) / Marino Textmate P200 – (60 days expiration)

Also, Globe has already reduced their discounts on both Globe and TM Amax effective today. This was announced previously. Retailers may choose to mark-up on the face value of the products, the same with how traditional sellers (sari-sari store) price their load products. They normally add P2.00 on select denominations.

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