Pacquiao-Vargas match on November 6, 2016

Good news! We can now sell SkyDirect PPV e-PINs for the Pacquiao-Vargas match on November 6.

Watch PACQUIAO as he battles VARGAS LIVE and commercial-free on Nov 6, 9am on SKYdirect channel 42 HD! Catch the Early Bird Rate at P699 only until Oct 24 plus get a FREE KFC Regular Bucket Meal delivered to your home.

To redeem your FREE KFC Regular Bucket Meal, please call KFC after 24 hours upon PPV subscription (02-887-8888 for Metro Manila or #887-8888 for provincial areas). Please prepare your SKYdirect box ID and delivery details. Redemption is until Dec 23 only. DTIPermit# 10552, S2016.

SkyDirect PPVe-PIN Product (Satellite Product)

SKYPPV699P699.00SkyDirect PPV for Pacquiao vs. Vargas (early-bird)
SKYPPV999P999.00SkyDirect PPV for Pacquiao vs. Vargas


  1. Purchase electronic PINs for Pacquiao (P699 / P999)
  2. Text SKYLOAD to 23667. Ex. SKYLOAD 12345678 1234567887654321
  3. Wait for the confirmation message. A TV commercial will play on Channel 42 HD upon Pacquiao PPV activation.

You may try sending the SMS again if there is no confirmation within 15 minutes.

For CUSTOMERS, text INFO to 23668.

You can download the latest discount structure here.

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