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LoadCentral New Product: LBC Txt Remit

We have a new product in the platform – LBC Txt Remit

LBC TXT REMIT CARD is a new Prepaid Remittance Card service of LBC Express, Inc. that allows remitters/beneficiaries to send/receive money instantly anytime and anywhere in the Philippines via SMS. The remittance transfer is very easy and convenient!

At the moment, there are 3 available card denominations: 500, 1000 and 1500.

LBC Txt Remit card denominations

LBC Txt Remit card denominations

LBC Txt Remit service fee

Service Fee

Here are the corresponding product codes and discount structure in the LoadCentral system. You may download the latest discount structure here.

LBC Txt Remit Product Codes and Discount Structure

LBC Txt Remit Product Codes and Discount Structure

How to send money using the TXT Remit card

  • Gently scratch off the silver panel located at the back of the card to reveal the card # and PIN code
    LBC Txt Remit Card

    LBC Txt Remit Card

  • Active the card by sending the TXT Remit card number found on the left side of the silver panel and the PIN code to 2910 as follows:

    LBC [space] TRIPP [space] Remit Card #/PIN

    Example: LBC TRIPP 123456789012/123456

  • You will receive a text message confirming the activation of your TXT Remit card

    Sample message:

    LBC: TXT Remit Card No. 123456789012 has been activated. Present this tracking # 100000000000 & PIN 12AB3 and bring valid ID to encash at any LBC branch. 08/12/2015 1:30PM. P2.50/txt

How to claim money

  • Forward the text message containing the 12-digit tracking number and PIN code to the beneficiary or consignee
  • The beneficiary or consignee may go to any LBC branch nationwide to claim the remittance
  • Present the text message together with a valid ID to the LBC Customer Associate

For more information on TXT Remit service, please visit

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