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LoadCentral New Product –

We have a new product in the LoadCentral platform – from BITMARKET PH INC.

PrepaidBitcoin.phe-PIN Product (Other Product)

PPBIT200P200.00current BTC equivalent
PPBIT500P500.00current BTC equivalent
PPBIT1000P1,000.00current BTC equivalent is the fastest way you can top up your Bitcoin wallet. Each card indicates the value of cash to be exchanged real-time into Bitcoin using the spot price at the time of redemption. Available in P200, P500 and P1000 denominations, Prepaid Bitcoin e-PINs aim to increase Bitcoin adoption by making it easier to load up a Bitcoin wallet. Please see for the current BTC equivalent.


  1. Once the consumer receives the 16 digit code, visit then type the CODE on the text box. Top Up process 1
  2. The second text box is for your Bitcoin wallet address. Click Load Now to claim the bitcoins. Top Up process 2

For CUSTOMERS, they may email Prepaid Bitcoin at or contact (02) 843 3841 / (0949) 448 5758 for any concerns.

You can download the latest discount structure here.

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