LoadCentral Updated Product List and Discount Structure (Jun 11 2015) – Lead Hope New Universal e-PINs and Globe/TM Discount Alignment

Lead Hope Digital Inc. (www.leadhope.ph) has added new games and decided to make their e-PINs universal for their current and future contents. It is a locally registered company here in the Philippines and is a subsidiary of Lead hope International (Taiwan). It is currently engaged in the business of publishing online games. It is the first global publisher of Kingdom under Fire 2, a highly anticipated game and the first of kind MMORTSRPG in the world. It has just recently acquired distribution rights for War Rock and other game titles are also on the pipe.

Lead Hope Digital new universal ePINs

Lead Hope Digital new universal ePINs

War Rock is an intense online military tactical first person shooter (FPS) featuring state of the art weapons, team or solo based play and unbelievable missions and maps! Intense with action and competition, War Rock explodes with a powerful arsenal of customizable weapons and vehicles while placing you in control of the most extreme battle modes

Andarasa is an action RPG where the fun comes from hunting monsters via its unique combat style. Among the 3000 different gear available, equip and evolve yourself as your level progresses. Feel the progression system interact with you and eventually become strong enough to take on the daily Territory War and Guild House War where the winners take all.

Globe has adjusted their pass-on rates to their distributors and it will be effective immediately on LoadCentral system.

Updated Globe discount rates as of Jun 11 2015

Updated Globe discount rates as of Jun 11 2015

You may download the latest discount structure here.

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